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Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Marketing, and You

September 26 2016 by

You might not think virtual reality or augmented reality means much to you now, but it will.  While they’re in their relative infancy, VR/AR gives you an opportunity to create an immersive experience for your customer.  BMW and Volvo have both experimented with immersive VR experiences to get customers a better feel for cars, and even McDonalds has made VR ski games with google cardboard from happy meal boxes.

VR headset Google Cardboard McDonald's - Artex Video Production LA

VR headset Google Cardboard McDonald’s – Artex Video Production LA

Atticus Digital did a study comparing knowledge retention between VR and traditional methods.  The results were staggering:  VR users retain around 90% of content, compared to only 10-20% of content for traditional delivery methods. While this wasn’t directly related to marketing, one can see that the immersion really makes a difference in connecting with consumers, especially as modern attention spans wane. 

As more powerful phones and handheld devices become the norm, virtual and augmented reality marketing tools will become more mainstream.  While the technology is emerging, the production is very similar to traditional web and video outlets.  The same production values apply, albeit with a little extra creativity, especially when dealing with 360 degree projects.