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As a full-service video production and animation agency, we ship out all over the globe at a second’s notice to create film work for brands in need. While we love to take projects from concept all the way post, we can also fit neatly into stage of the production process, for clients large and small, far and near.

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This is the team.

Ricardo Manavello - Founder - Artex Productions - Best Video Production Company in Coral Gables Florida

Ricardo Manavello


Ricardo is the Founder and CEO of Artex Productions and has been the captain steering the ship since the company’s inception. He started his career in the industry as an award-winning cinematographer of big-label music videos and feature films, which helped him shape the aesthetic that drives our brand. Today, he navigates the choppy and perilous seas of entrepreneurship, guiding Artex away from the rocks of bad business decisions and shopworn nautical clichés. On weekends, he is known to dissolve into his alter ego, Puddles, Taker of Long Margarita Naps.
Tim Warren - Chief Creative Officer - Artex Productions - Best Director - Video Production Company in Miami, FL

Tim Warren

Chief Creative Officer/ Partner

Tim is the Chief Creative Officer and a founding partner of Artex Productions, driving the overall creative vision of the agency and making the thoughtful aesthetic decisions that give our work that umami magic. He received his MFA in Directing from the University of Miami in 2014 and is the first graduate of the program to focus specifically on advertising. On a per-project basis, Tim synthesizes strategic goals with smart filmmaking choices through the filter of his distinct and cinematic directorial style. When not being utilized for this end, he rests in a hyperbaric chamber, where his dreams are projected in 3D space and recorded by stenographers for future use.
Chris Dreseris - Executive Producer - Artex Productions - Best Producer - Video Production Company in Miami, FL

Chris Dreseris

Executive Producer / Partner

Chris is a founding partner and Executive Producer at Artex Productions. He is responsible for execution, logistics, budgeting, keeping the cast, crew, and clients alive, and other dry and tactical concerns related to our well-being that the creative team hates to acknowledge. Whenever a project goes down on-time and on-budget, it’s because of the many hours toiled by Mr. Chris— a fact that lies in shocking contradiction with the quality of his day-of-shoot shirt and hairstyling choices. He has two daughters that he loves and two chickens that he hates. He enjoys soup way too much for a man with perfectly good teeth.
Charlie Lebess - Managing Director - Artex Productions - Top Video Production Company in Coral Gables, FL

Charlie Lebess

Managing Director / Partner

Charlie is a partner and Managing Director at Artex Productions, with a portfolio of responsibilities that includes client services, business development, workflow and process optimization, hype man, spiritual guru, all-day dad-joke factory and company barkeep. He’s a gratuitously experienced ad industry veteran who spent 15+ years within WPP agencies in Miami (Ogilvy Latina) and NYC (Ogilvy & Mather, BIG, Brand Union), including Google NYC. Throughout his career, he’s managed various initiatives across the globe for brands like Absolut, American Express, Apple, Bank of America, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Celebrity Cruises, The Coca-Cola Company, DuPont, ESPN, Google, IBM, Shazam, Sprint, Twitter, and Tribeca Film Festival. Charlie has top-5 beard game.
Jay Lurner - Director of Online Marketing - Artex Productions - #1 Video Production Company in Coral Gables Florida

Jay Lurner

Director Of Online Marketing

Jay is the Director of Online Marketing at Artex Productions, and it’s his job to make sure the very page you’re reading right now is eminently find-able to inquiring minds just like yourself, dear reader. He’s our direct link to the people who need beautiful work that works. He can be badly described as some sort of internet Batsignal operator with the bat thing swapped out with our logo. In terms of wild overqualifications, Jay has an engineering degree, which, nice!
Kyle Sullivan - Production Coordinator - Artex Productions - #1 Video Production Company in Miami, FL

Kyle Sullivan

Production Coordinator

As the Production Coordinator at Artex, Kyle ensures that all projects arrive on time and under budget. He assembles our wonderful crews and executes our complex logistical schemes. In his spare time, Kyle is an award-winning writer and producer who has made a bunch of films and web series you probably haven’t seen. To his knowledge, he is the only person to have won both a Chinese Short Film Academy Award and Most Improved Free Throw Shooter at Gloria Dei Youth Basketball Camp. When Kyle is not winning awards and sinking J’s, he’s probably cornering you at a party to talk about his screenplay.

Alina Mariutina

Business Development Specialist

Alina Mariutina is the Business Development Specialist at Artex Productions, responsible for drumming up client interest and educating potential clients about how we can help them reach their customers. She has extensive experience in lead research and sales development, managing pre-sales pipelines, and making fancy-ass haberdashery. She recently got her Masters degree in Marketing in 2019 and would one day like to travel the world and make a film about her experiences, ideally though not necessarily via hot air balloon.
Tonda Ros - Director of Animation - Artex Productions - Best Animator - Video Production Company in Miami, FL

Tonda Ros

Director of Animation

Tonda Ros is the Director of Animation of at Artex Productions, and he is like a bowtie-wielding warrior poet who fights in the language of color. He has extensive backgrounds in multiple fields of visual arts, including cinematography, graphic design, animation, and game design. With the fusion of these elements, he provides our clients with a unique style of motion design that combines photographic elements with modern cel animation. His work has been sought after for national commercials, theatrical trailers, music videos and title sequences for both television and film. Tonda will always make time for a slice of cherry pie and some damn fine coffee.
Stephanie Hallett - Junior Art Director Animator - Artex Productions - Top Video Production Company in Miami

Stephanie Hallett

Junior Art Director/Animator

Steph “Suh Dude” Hallett, AKA Shallett, AKA Suh Dude Shallett, is the Junior Art Director and Animator at Artex Productions. She runs point on all our 2D animation, illustration and art direction projects, which have been honored with numerous Best in Show awards by the American Advertising Federation. Steph puts a human touch on all of her work, focusing on emotion and character rather than ultra-sleek simplicity. She can be described as a huge dork who was doing Social Distancing before it was cool and wields rapid-fire Rick and Morty quotes like shuriken.
Brian Mejia- Head Sound Designer - Artex Productions - Best Video Production Company in Miami, FL

Brian Mejia

Head Sound Designer

Brian is the Head Sound Designer at Artex Productions. He is an expert craftsman of mood and texture and has been adding impact and punch to our work for well over a decade. Brian’s process is intensely detail-oriented, never being satisfied until he has tweaked a sound to the point of perfect harmony with the picture. His work has won multiple Best in Show awards in advertising craft categories. As a super-fun hobby, he likes to transmogrify into a being of pure sound, more energy-like than corporeal, and hum sweet lullabies to forlorn sailors.

We have been very impressed with the creativity and polish of the work Artex has produced for us. Regardless of the type of project or timeline, they always find a way to deliver on what we need. We value their talent, flexibility, and enthusiasm to collaborate with us. The Artex team has taken time to fully understand our business and our brand, and as a result, create impactful and compelling videos that help us effectively communicate our brand message. Our partnership with Artex has been a great asset to our marketing team.

Jody KaminskyCMO, Ultimate Software

"Unbelievable experience working with these guys - incredibly professional, creative, so much fun to work with, and we couldn't be any happier with the quality of the spot. Gorgeous. Can't wait to make some more magic together."

Alessandra CuetaraGlobal Marketing Communications Manager, Airbnb

I first met the Artex team in 2014 when I was at Airbnb. They absolutely crushed a project for us, so they were top of mind for me when it came time to make content for Celebrity's first new ship in 20 years, EDGE. That project was a huge success for us, and Artex always creates beautiful work, along with being great people to work (and drink) with. Highly recommended.

Peter GiorgiCMO, Celebrity Cruises

A team full of creative, brilliant, and good people. Well-planned and low-stress productions, with everyone having a strong eye for details, and constantly pushing to deliver high-end, polished results. Can't recommend them highly enough.

Jessyel GonzalezCreative & Production Manager, Apple

I can’t stress how thoroughly impressed my team was by the guys at Artex and their work on our project for FedEx. They were incredibly detailed… Their focus on customer service and meeting deadlines really make them second to none.”

Julie RoyeDirector of Project Management, Y&R

I was so impressed with the work, energy, staff and professionalism of Artex Productions for the video project we worked on. Once the shoot was wrapped, I arranged a call with our main agency to have them set up as a permanent vendor. Highly recommend The team at Artex for any production scale.

Cristina GamboaDirector of Hispanic Marketing, AT&T

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This is our trophy case.

New Morning Routine
Shortlist, Golden Pencil
The One Show 2020

New Morning Routine
Best in Show
AAF ADDYS Miami 2020

Hard Rock Hollywood
Gold Addy, Cinematography
AAF ADDYS District 4 2020

Hard Rock Hollywood
Gold Addy, Sound Design
AAF ADDYS District 4 2020


Ultimate Software: Here’s To Your Employees
Gold in Commercial Campaign
Communicator Awards 2019

Celebrity EDGE Campaign
Best in Show, Online Videos
AAF ADDYS District 4 2019

Celebrity EDGE Campaign
Gold Addy, Elements of Advertising
AAF ADDYS District 4 2019

Celebrity EDGE Spa
Gold Addy, Elements of Advertising
AAF ADDYS District 4 2019

Celebrity EDGE F&B
New York Advertising Festival 2019

St. Croix River
Best in Show, Elements of Advertising
AAF ADDYS Miami 2019

Earn Your Greatness
Silver Addy, Sound Design
AAF ADDYS Miami 2019