Case study/The Celebrity Edge Reveal


The Celebrity Edge Reveal


Celebrity Cruises is laughing a new class of ships: the EDGE class. Artex was asked to make a prolific and beautiful launch video to announce this revolutionary new class of cruise ship. The only catch: the ships aren’t done yet.  We were tasked with cinematic 3d renders of what the ship would look like, with a cinematic flair. The feel was going to be more like the Netflix show Chef’s Table rather than a typical infomercial style.  To add to the complexity, the shipyard is located in St. Nazaire, France, and the designer was based in London.  Interviews form some of the top architects and designers would be included, including Kelly Hoppen (Dragons Den, BBC) and Tom Wright (designer of the iconic Burj al Arab skyscraper).  And the kicker?  It had to be a 10 minute long video with less than six weeks for post production, including booking and shooting celebrity designer Nate Berkus out of state. 


This project might have been impossible without our many years of experience in cinematography, interviews, theme development, scripting, and shooting experience.    In addition to the film qualities, the logistics of shooting in a foreign country were no small matter either, and then throw in a plethora of 3D renderings that had to meet world-class standards.  Interviews can often get a little dull, but Artex combined images into the interviews to really give the stories an emotional connection, rather than just be an addition to the story. We aimed to overlap powerful B-roll on top of the interviews to get that connection.

The 3D animation had to be cinematic and very high quality, as not to be distracting or destroy the feeling of immersion.  After all, the EDGE class is the first cruise ship designed and visualized entirely in 3D.  We aimed to have the feel of a high end Los Angeles film production, rather than a ten minute informational piece.


The video was exactly what Celebrity Cruises needed to tell the story of their new ship with a cinematic quality that did the flagship EDGE class justice. It was prominently featured at the press launch of the ship, the Celebrity website, and was widely shared on social media.  Celebrity Cruises President  and CEO Lisa Lutoff-Perlo had “goosebumps” from the film, and the CEO of parent company Royal Caribbean said that this was the best launch video for any ship the company has built to date.  The public was also a big fan- it’s first week out, the video trended #2 on Twitter, and picked up millions of Facebook impressions and shares for Celebrity.  The videos are still viewed over and over directly through the company’s website, driving up bookings and inspiring confidence.  We’re pretty happy with the results too: this is the most successful project we’ve ever done in many areas: including quality of product, score of work, and, client satisfaction.  And it was all done in house, start to finish, every detail.

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