Safety during Covid-19

Coronavirus has impacted each and every one of us around the world. As we navigate our new reality, we’ve made a commitment to ensure our productions are as safe as possible.

Until the moment it is absolutely safe to stop doing so, we will be adhering to the strictest of guidelines during every single production.

Furthermore, we’re implementing guidelines per department, per project for all video productions happening during Covid-19.

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Our protocols

Health screening

Every person involved in our shoot – from talent to crew members to third-party vendors to our clients – will be subject to a temperature check using a no-contact infrared thermometer as soon as they arrive on set. Anyone showing any symptoms of Covid-19 will be asked to leave.


We will make sure to sanitize more than ever and will provide sanitation stations at all entrances and exits. Team members will be tasked with sanitizing equipment and high-touch areas like door handles and countertops consistently throughout the shoot.

Personal protection

PPE or personal protective equipment like gloves and masks will be made available for every person on our set.

6-feet apart

As much as possible, we will remain socially distant for the duration of the shoot.

Small team,
significant power

We understand how the pandemic has affected budgets for all businesses.

We have always prided ourselves on being a full-service video production agency with the ability to make our client’s dollar stretch to the furthest degree. Now more than ever, our cross-functional capabilities give you the efficiency you’re after.

No-contact animation. Our in-house animation and post-production studio is and always has been a perfectly safe option for creating impactful campaigns out of pre-existing or stock footage, without any risk of Covid-19 interference.

Remote meetings are the new normal, and video production is no exception. For clients who can’t physically be on set, we’ll remote you in with QTAKE, the best remote viewing option in the industry.

We have the capability to create campaigns without involving a production crew. We’re prepared to remotely execute content via our in-house production team.

Our team will always work to meet you where you need to be and are aware that budgets and resources are tight. Let’s work together to find a way to bring your marketing strategy to life