LED strip lighting is quickly picking up steam and the brand Govee is at the forefront, thanks to their innovative technology such as RGBIC, which gives users the ability to control each individual bulb on a strip.

Govee asked our video production company to produce a pre-roll specific campaign, focused on how a user’s personality can shine through these fully customizable lights.

A pre-roll and social media campaign can be complicated, as you have to nail the right mix of being attention-grabbing while providing enough product detail to drive sales for the brand.

And the kicker? You have about three seconds to do this. The general rule of thumb is that if the audience isn’t hooked three seconds in, they’re going to click through onto the next thing.

Knowing all this, our goal was to create a campaign that was really fun to watch, using a mix of bold visuals and upbeat, energetic music. Product-wise, we wanted the user to get that there’s a connection between their personality and the LED lights they choose to light up their rooms.

The characters in our spots have obvious passions and tastes, meant to evoke the idea that just like you can choose your particular clothes and designs, LED lights can also style your life.


To execute this campaign, our Los Angeles-based video production team built four different sets in a soundstage, each with its own color scheme to match that respective character’s personality. It was our intention to make the colors stand out so much that the audience could not feel compelled to look away.

Having this colorful set as a background granted us the freedom to inject as much product detail into every shot in a fresh, exciting way, showing users everything from opening the product to installing it to easily picking LED colors through the app.

The spots end with a clear message: you can bring any space to life with Govee and you can customize that space to be uniquely yours.


We delivered four pre-roll spots for Govee, each focused on one character at a time, representing different target demographics and product applications per spot. In addition, we combined each spot to make one longer-format brand video for use on Govee’s website and other channels.

This campaign has resulted in driving conversions and increasing brand awareness for Govee, particularly through social channels like YouTube and Instagram. Within the first month, these spots were viewed hundreds of thousands of times and were featured during ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight.

We will continue to partner with Govee on campaigns that show how their innovation in technology can light up their customer’s lives.

Artex was responsible for the conceptualization, treatment, production, and post-production for this project.



We’re currently partnering with Govee to create other campaigns showing how their innovative products can bring a little light to their customers’ lives.