You may not even be aware, but it’s likely you have visited a OneSpaWorld location, as they own and operate spas and products for major hotels and cruises worldwide.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, the hospitality industry was largely affected and, like many others in their industry, OneSpaWorld worked to communicate that they were activating protocols to ensure that their spas and accompanying services were safe for customers who were rightfully nervous.

Our Los Angeles-based video production company partnered with OneSpaWorld to create something new: a safety video that still emanated with the luxury and serenity the OneSpaWorld brand necessitated.


To achieve the right combination of safety and luxury, we decided on a straightforward script with airy and sophisticated visuals to set the tone.

Our storyboard leaned on earthy tones, which set the campaign apart from the commonly used minimalist aesthetic of other spa brands. We drew on the personal visions of a happy, calm place as told by the OneSpaWorld team to achieve the right branding while still remaining original.

Our approach to color varied from concepting to execution, but always centered on the need to be soothing. While we originally leaned towards a peachy palette, we eventually settled on incorporating some blues to fortify the fact that OneSpaWorld operates at sea and on land as well.

Just like you’d expect from a spa, we wanted to campaign to invoke a feeling of relaxation, as if the video itself was also a part of the total experience. For this to work, our camera needed to be in a constant state of motion, never coming to a full stop. The gentle motion created the sense of floating, while particles and haziness contributed to the airiness we were looking to achieve.

To bring everything together, we needed the right sound design, which would transport the viewer to an ethereal world.


We delivered a 2-minute video that is currently being used in spas on more than 20 cruise lines and luxury hotels around the world. Our partnership continues as we bring a higher sense of wellness to OneSpaWorld customers all over.

Artex was responsible for the conceptualization, scripting, art direction, animation, and sound design for this project.

As their Miami video production company, we continue to partner with OneSpaWorld to bring relaxation and wellness to their customers to this day.