Be honest. How much of your day is dictated by the amount of juice left in your battery? Do you dread being caught out in the world with a completely drained battery? Truly, you aren’t alone.

Anker understands the curse of the phone battery more than most, which is why they are the leading USB charging brand in the US.

Their devices help charge ours quickly and on the go, using smart technology to power us up.

Our Los Angeles-based video production company partnered with Anker to create a pre-roll campaign showing everyday circumstances where Anker’s devices come to the rescue.

We were tasked with showing relatable issues in under 6 seconds, which is the benchmark for calling a pre-roll ad a success.


Pretty much everyone everywhere is keen on finding an on-the-go charging solution, so the market need is there. The challenge that Anker found was that people simply didn’t know that their phone would be okay if they used a third-party charger. That’s where we stepped in.

Usually pre-roll ads are synonymous with an eye-roll and a quick dismissal. So, we sought a way to capture people’s attention and educate them in just a few seconds.

Our concept? “Use Anker Instead”.

Every spot we created began the same way: someone runs out of battery and is looking for an outlet where they can plug in and charge away.

As the spot continued, we injected some humor by showing the actor doing something silly like looking for an outlet on a crowded subway.

Finally, a Good Samaritan snaps the actor (and, thanks to our first-person angle, the viewer) back to reality and points out the obvious: just use Anker instead.


Since releasing our four pre-roll ads on YouTube, they’ve created more than 70 million views, and they surpass average viewing time and interaction across the industry.

Artex was responsible for conceptualization, scripting, treatment, production, and post-production for this project.